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Medical Examination

The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia issued a directive to all public and private institution of higher education in Malaysia stated that starting from 1July 2008, all foreign students registered with any of the higher education institution in Malaysia must undergo a medical check-up and subscribe to a health insurance plan. In UUM, starting from Second semester 2008/2009 session, candidates who fail undergo medical examination and to purchase health insurance will not be allowed to register.

The following outlines the types of illnesses/diseases specified by the Ministry and the implications to study at this University.

No. Type of Illness/Disease Example Implications
1. - Contagious
- Expected to recover within a long period of time
- High treatment costs
- Hepatitis B
- Hepatitis C
Not accepted to register as students
2. - Contagious
- Expected to recover with treatment within some period of time
- Tuberculosis Defer registration until recover (not more than 2 semesters)
3. - Contagious
- Expected to recover within a short period of time
? Malaria
? Typhoid
? Syphilis
Accepted to register
Have to undergo treatment
Financed by insurance
4. - Other illnesses considered to be endemic by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia ? Japanese encephalitis
? Avian flu
Not accepted to register as students


The charge for medical examination and blood test is RM200.00 per student.


Health Insurance for International Students

1. UUM has developed an insurance scheme on an annual basis which will take effect from 1 January 2009. The insurance plan was developed in accordance to the requirement of the Ministry and have the following benefits:

  • Hospitalisation and Surgical Inpatients Benefits
  • Medical Outpatient benefits (General Practitioner and Specialist)
  • Death, Permanent and Temporary Disablement due to natural and accidental causes benefits including repatriation cost and Critical Illnesses.


2. The cost of the insurance plan will be range from RM300 ? RM800 per student per year depending on the plan chosen by the students. For a family coverage (student, spouse and children) the premium would be in the range of RM1000 ? RM3000 per family per year. For family members other than described above, they would be required to buy their individual insurance plan from the designated insurance carrier.

3. The designated insurance carrier will be available during the registration day to facilitate the process.